We do not live in Russia-Ukraine war, Danish ambassador agrees with PM Modi’s comment

On February 24, 2023, one year of Russia’s attack on Ukraine will be completed. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden suddenly reached the capital Kiev and announced all possible help to Ukraine. At the same time, on February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech in the Russian Parliament and said that this war has started because of the western countries.

India is already doing a lot to prevent war

In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, the Danish Ambassador to India Freddie Swan has now issued a statement. Freddy has praised India’s effort to stop this war.

He said that India is already doing a lot to prevent war between Russia and Ukraine. Quoting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks, Freddy said that we do not live in an era of war.

PM Modi playing very important role globally

Freddy said that I think India has already done a lot to make its influence felt in many places. India’s global role is very important.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is playing a very important role globally. So I am quite sure and I believe that India is doing all that

Which India can certainly attribute to historical ties. India will now play an even more important role in the future globally, strategically and economically.

PM Modi sent the strongest signal ever

Talking to news agency ANI, Freddy said that Prime Minister of India Modi has said very clearly that we do not live in an era of war. I feel

That it is sending the strongest signal ever to stop war because we cannot live in an era of war that must end.

Russia-Ukraine war is affecting other parts of the world

Talking about the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war, Freddie said that this war is affecting not only European countries but other parts of the world as well. The war has greatly increased food prices and energy prices.

Inflation levels have also increased. Russia should withdraw its forces from the territories of Ukraine at this time.

Denmark stands with Ukraine

The Danish ambassador said that Denmark stands with Ukraine and I believe that the Russia-Ukraine war will be discussed in the G20. Let us tell you that Crown Prince Frederik Andre Henrik Christian and Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark are going to visit India soon. Regarding this, Freddie said that he has high hopes from this tour.

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