Waqf properties were also deeded in Gorakhpur, houses were built, know the whole matter

With the passage of time the properties donated for waqf also got deeded. A large number of houses have been built on such land in the city. There are also houses where people have been living for two to three generations. Deeds of such land were done by hiding the facts in Tehsil.

Today the situation is such that on the basis of Wakfnama, the minority department can say about the property of Wakf, but they do not have any records related to revenue.

Nawab of Awadh Asifuddaula had given property for Waqf

Asifuddaulah, the Nawab of Awadh, donated the property by writing ‘Mukkammal Miyan Bazar’ in the 18th century waqfnama. This means that the entire Miyan Bazar was in waqf,

But over time the land here kept getting sold and the names of other people kept getting registered. Imambara and some other properties are left in the name of Waqf in this colony. Other people are legally residing in other places.

Here also the land is registered in the name of Waqf

Similarly, in Domingarh also 39 acres of land is registered as Waqf, but there also the situation of the spot seems completely changed. Many houses have been built and their names are also registered in the revenue records. The case of Baharampur comes to light from time to time. Here there is a matter of occupation of Waqf land.

It is also being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). All the documents are in the possession of the CBI in the investigation going on for almost two decades, but there are still illegal activities in this area.

Most of the properties belong to Sunni Waqf

There are a total of 1446 Waqf properties in Gorakhpur. Out of this, 1444 properties belong to Sunni Waqf. Only two properties belong to Shia Waqf. They are being operated in two ways.

In one, the generations of the people who made the waqfnama form a committee and run it, while in the other any committee can run it.

what do the officers say

District Minority Welfare Officer Ashutosh Pandey said that the properties registered in Waqf are very old. According to the things that were recorded at the time of Waqf, the present situation has changed. Houses are visible at many places.

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