Vidyut Jammwal landed despite bad weather

Vidyut Jammwal is out to prove his mettle. where he is his action hero While he doesn’t want to destroy the image completely, he also wants to show his acting ability. All his recent releases – be it Khuda Hafeez or Sanak or the latest IB 71 movie, they have action sequences but they are not scene-stealers. This time, Vidyut not only acted but also bankrolled the project. But, does this spy-thriller stay as taut as promised, or falter? let’s find out.

Dev (Vidyut Jammwal) is introduced as an innocent detective in the very beginning of the film. He has an important mission and while his countenance exudes fear, he exudes confidence in the face of the enemy, allowing him to succeed with ease! However, the information that came out is frightening – Pakistan is planning an attack in 10 days and something drastic has to be done to prepare everyone for war.

It can’t be done in such a short time, so she and Anupam Kher’s character have to come up with a plan. They have one, but it’s extremely risky. A failure would not only mean risking the lives of over 30 people, but also an imminent war and a bad image for the nation. Will Dev succeed in another important mission where the stakes are so high? If he does, how will he achieve the feat? This is the essence of the story.

The major drawback of IB 71 Movie is the slow first half, with cheesy dialogues. One that has stuck with me is ‘Meri biwi pet se hai par khayal mere pet ka rahta hai’ (My wife is pregnant but takes care of what I eat). The espionage continues for a long time, breaking the pace. At several points it slows down considerably and even when the Lightnings are out to fight, there may not be quite the same thrill feel as they always do.

However, it’s the second part that redeems everything. It becomes interesting and keeps us hooked. It is the second half where the action really begins, not literally. And finally, thanks to the chest-thumping music waking up your nationalism, you won’t feel so bad.

Vidyut Jammwal is good with his performance. There are many sequences where he could have been better, but the character demands that he show a minimum of emotion. When Vidyut happens, you expect action and he without exaggeration will give enough to the audience. Vidyut single-handedly shoulders the film and takes up the entire screen time.

However, the show-stealer here is Vishal Jethwa. He may have limited screen space, but he simply excels at whatever he is asked to do. Despite the more orange lipstick and cheek color she is often given, she plays her part. By showing anger, fear or determination – He is good at all of these. He is seriously underrated and we hope to see more of him.

Anupam Kher has an extended cameo. There is nothing he has to do and he does it effortlessly.

Director Sankalp, who previously worked on The Ghazi Attack, often lost control of the script. His screenplay could have been sharper and smoother. His grip on governance is loose in the first half, which drowns out the overall effect.

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