US-China: Will America ban China too? Military aid to Russia can be an action

US agencies US-China and other allies claim that China is considering providing arms and military aid to Russia. After imposing several sanctions on Russia in the midst of the Ukraine war, the US is now going to tighten the reins on China as well. It has been revealed by quoting American officials and sources that America has talked about this issue with its allies. The US may impose these sanctions if China sends military aid to Russia in the Ukraine war.

It is reported that America has talked to its allies G7 countries for these restrictions. However, the talks are at an early stage and it has not been disclosed what specific sanctions the White House will initiate.

America has warned China

Let us tell you, American agencies and other allies claim that China is considering providing arms and military help to Russia. However, Beijing has repeatedly denied this allegation. On the other hand, America has warned China of direct sanctions for doing so.

China presented proposal

One year after the Russo-Ukraine war, China issued a 12-point peace proposal. It was presented at the Security Conference held in Munich, Germany. The peace proposal, titled ‘China’s position on the political solution to the Ukraine crisis’, contains 12 points.

As the most important point, it has been asked to end the ceasefire, peace talks and sanctions against Russia. Through the resolution, China has asked countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia to stop abusing unilateral sanctions and play their role in de-escalating the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Without mentioning Russia or Ukraine, it said that the sovereignty of all countries should be upheld. Other points called for a ceasefire, peace talks, protection for prisoners of war and a halt to attacks on civilians, as well as safeguarding nuclear power plants and facilitating grain exports.

America’s stand on the proposal

US officials and some analysts have also criticized the proposal. At the Munich meeting, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed doubts about China’s position before the resolution was released. He said that the non-lethal assistance given by China supports Russia’s war effort. However, China denied the allegation and said it lacked evidence.

Meanwhile, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan rejected most of the content of the proposal. He said, ‘My first reaction is that war can stop at a point when the sovereignty of all countries is respected.

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