US: America is preparing to complete this defense agreement with India even before PM Modi’s visit, know why it is important

The Biden administration is preparing to execute a major defense deal with India even before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US in the middle of this year. This has been disclosed by the Indian-origin Democrat MP in America only. According to Khanna, the deal for the engine for the fighter jet has been completed by the US side and a final decision can be taken before PM Modi’s visit.

Khanna, a member of the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Parliament, said that India knows that Soviet-era military equipment no longer works properly and Russia is also slowly leaning towards China. At the same time, India is also now openly willing to build a strong relationship with America.

“The priority of the US government is to get this agreement done at the earliest, hopefully before Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the US. We are working on it only. He said that we are also trying to ensure that PM Modi talks with the US Parliament. The Deputy Speakers of both the Houses will request the Speaker to invite them.

‘It is important to think about India’s energy needs’
The Indian-origin MP said that we have to be strong in the defense sector and this is a very important time. Jet engines are very important for defense. Khanna also stressed on meeting India’s energy and fuel needs and said that we have to find an alternate energy source for development. We are glad that India has condemned Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. Relations between India and Russia should not be a matter of concern for the US, as our partnership is meant to last for decades to come.

Why is the deal on jet engines important for India?
Significantly, India currently has most of the fighter jets of Russian origin. India has so far bought equipment for its fighter jets from Russia only. However, the Modi government has been continuously trying to diversify its defense purchases. In this connection, talks are on for India to buy American jet engines for its fighter jets. It is believed that this can prove to be a big step to deal with the growing challenge of China and reduce India’s dependence on Russian weapons.

National Security Advisor had talked about the agreement
Earlier this year, India’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval went on a US tour. Here there was a conversation between the two countries regarding the jet engine deal. It was reported that the two countries could jointly produce General Electric Company (GE) engines. India can get this important technology under the Critical and Emerging Technology Agreement.

How important will these engines be for India
The Biden administration is considering the proposal of General Electric Company and may soon approve the use of these engines in Indian fighter jets. However, it is not yet decided by when it will be approved.

Explain that if the US government accepts the proposal of General Electric Company, then it will be a historic step towards reducing India’s dependence on Russian weapons. Ever since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, America has been trying to isolate Russia diplomatically. At present, Indian fighter jets are made with a mix of technology from Russia, Europe and India’s own.

This cooperation can continue further
In addition to joint production of fighter aircraft engines, the US can cooperate with India in areas such as artillery systems, armored infantry vehicles, semiconductors, quantum computing and artificial intelligence as well as maritime security.

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