UP: Katha spokesperson Aniruddhacharya threatened to be blown up, wrote in the letter – Vrindavan has come to destroy you

World famous Katha spokesperson Aniruddhacharya has been threatened with a bomb. After receiving a threatening letter from a terrorist organization in Maharashtra, there is a stir among the operators of the ashram. An unknown case has been registered by the ashram operators in Vrindavan police station.

Here the police have searched the CCTV cameras of the ashram, from which no specific information could be found. Katha spokesperson Aniruddhacharya is currently doing Katha in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. It is being told that on Tuesday, an unknown person kept a closed envelope in the office of Gauri Gopal Ashram of Katha spokesperson Aniruddhacharya in Sant Colony.

When the staff of the ashram opened the envelope and saw it, they were shocked. A letter was kept in the envelope, in which Sanjay Patel, resident of Krishna Nagar Mandi, resident of Panvel, Mumbai, claiming himself to be an activist of Maharashtra’s terrorist organization Bharat Maut Zindagi, has demanded Katha spokesperson Aniruddhacharya to give one crore within a week.

Otherwise he and his family have been threatened with bomb blasts and damage to the ashram. It has been written in the letter that where do you go, where do your children study, we have all the information. We have come to Vrindavan to destroy you and bomb your ashram.

It has been written in the letter that during the story in Madhya Pradesh, we will execute the incident and in which 40 to 50 people will die along with you, then you will be defamed in the whole country. It has been warned in the threatening letter that if an attempt is made to contact the police, the result will not be right.

In this regard, Rohit Tiwari, an employee of the ashram, has filed a case against unknown people at Vrindavan police station. Rohit Tiwari told that Aniruddhacharya Maharaj is currently in Indore and his story is going on there.
Katha spokesperson Aniruddhacharya has received a letter threatening to blow him up. After this, investigation has been started by registering a case. LIU and intelligence agency are also probing. Praveen Malik, CO Sadar.

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