Umesh Pal murder case: Atiq’s henchmen revealed, Shaista had sent money to the families of the shooters

Police On Tuesday, the police interrogated the five henchmen of Atiq on custody remand. The five told in detail how before the conspiracy and murder, Asad had taken the responsibility of giving money and mobile to the operatives, and later Shaista delivered the money to the shooters and their families. The police had prepared a questionnaire of 50 questions for questioning the operatives. The five henchmen kept telling the answers like parrots. All five were interrogated till three in the afternoon. After this all five were sent back to jail.

Police arrested Niyaz Ahmed of Dhumanganj, Mo. from Naini Jail at 9 am on Tuesday. Sajar, Arshad of Katra, Atiq’s servant Rakesh alias Lala and Cash Ahmed were taken on custody remand. The court had granted six-hour custodial remand to the police for questioning the five. A questionnaire of 50 questions was prepared for police interrogation. Niyaz Ahmed, Sajar and Arshad did Reiki for the murder of Umesh Pal. Niyaz told that Asad had contacted him on 12 February.

Atiq’s conversation with Niyaz was also made through his phone. Niyaz started Umesh’s Reiki from the next day itself. Niyaz used to follow wherever Umesh went. Niyaz started giving complete information about Umesh’s activities to Asad. Umesh’s neighbor Mohd. Sajar told that he too had started Reiki for Umesh from February 13 itself. At what time did Umesh leave the house?

Who is with him? He kept telling everything to Asad and other operatives through internet phone. Assad had given the iPhone to the king. The numbers were already fed on it. Sajar used to share information on those numbers. Sajar told that he was given an iPhone but he did not know any other function of the phone except making calls from the Internet. Arshad also told that his responsibility was to give information about the activities around the court.

During this, the number of times Umesh went to the court. Kept giving complete information about there to Asad. Atik’s servants Cash Ahmed and Rakesh alias Lala told that all the shooters had returned to Chakia after the massacre. Shaista gave money to everyone. After the departure of the shooters, Shaista had also sent money to the family members of the shooters through his other servants. He was questioned till three o’clock. After this the five accused were sent back to Naini jail.

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