Ukraine’s army is giving a befitting reply to Russian attacks, 14 attacks failed

Ukrainian authorities said on Monday that his forces were giving a befitting reply to the continuous Russian attacks on the towns of Bakhmut and the eastern region of Donbass. He has also rejected Russia’s claim that 600 Ukrainian soldiers were killed.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russia carried out seven missile strikes, 31 air strikes and 73 salvo rocket attacks in the past day. Ukraine’s military repelled attacks in 14 locations, including Bakhmut.

Russia only talks about ceasefire

President Vladimir Zelensky said on Sunday that Bakhmut was standing his ground. Although most of the city has been destroyed, our troops are already stopping the continuous attacks by Russia. The nearby town of Soledar also stood firm after suffering extensive damage.

Zelensky condemned Russia’s claim of a ceasefire made during Christmas, saying that Russia launched a fierce attack on Kherson just after Christmas. The attacks targeting civilians in Karmatorks and other towns in the Donbass came after Moscow asked its troops to keep the peace.

No proof of 600 soldiers being killed

On Sunday, Russia claimed that 600 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in a missile attack on Karmatorks, northwest of Bakhmut. But the Reuters reporter could not find any such evidence.

Serhiy Chervaty, a spokesman for the Ukrainian military in the eastern region, says that by claiming a large number of casualties, the Russian Defense Ministry wants to appear to have responded forcefully to Ukraine’s recent attack on Russian troops.

growing opposition

launched by Russia to crush Ukraine The war is going to be a year old. The local people are pressurizing the army to bring the war to an end. Many military bloggers are critical of the claims being made by the Russian military. According to him, both the countries are under-reporting the number of their killed soldiers.

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