Twin daughters were born again after two daughters, then the man took a dreadful step

Balaghat. Madhya Pradesh A heart-wrenching incident took place in Balaghat. Here two twin daughters were born to a person, then he committed suicide. He jumped from the bridge of Wainganga river. He was under stress because he already had two daughters. This was his wife’s third delivery and she was expecting a son. After this incident, sensation has spread in the entire area. The police is also suspecting a family dispute behind this suicide.

According to the information, this incident of suicide took place on January 18 at 6 pm in Dinipuni village of Varasivani police station area. Police got information that a person was continuously talking on mobile. He jumped into the Wainganga river while talking on the mobile. Many people saw him jumping into the river. On seeing this, a huge crowd gathered on the spot. Here, the police and home guards kept searching for the youth in the river. The Home Guard conducted a search operation for several hours even in the night. But, the body of the young man was not found.

Because of this the young man was under stress
Police said that the body of the young man was again searched since Thursday morning. His body was found at around 12:15 pm. As soon as the dead body came out, the police started identifying the deceased. During this, it was learned that the name of the young man was Vasudev Patle. He lived in Dinipuni village only. In the investigation, the police came to know that Vasudev has two daughters. On January 18, his wife again gave birth to two daughters. As soon as he came to know this, he got tensed.

Police will investigate every aspect
Police said that the deceased was the only child of his parents. He has three sisters. He is married. Vasudev in two years Bar used to do farming on his 14 acres of land. Apart from this, he also used to do wages on the payment of Rs. 500 per day. The police say that they will investigate every aspect of the matter. Family dispute can also come to the fore in this.

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