The student said that he felt dizzy after seeing the books, then the expert said

Uttar Pradesh The dates for the board exams have been announced. 70% students preparing for class 10th and 12th board exams are not able to handle the pressure of studies. The students have shared their experiences in this regard. After which the expert has given him many mantras regarding the exam.

A student told that when I sit to study, I feel dizzy and restless. Even when I remember, I don’t remember anything. This problem has increased since two years. I don’t even get along with two younger sisters. Now I get thoughts of suicide. The student studying in the boarding school told these things to the Divisional Psychological Officer during the counseling on Monday.

The psych officer said that memorization requires concentration and takes time, but children are losing patience. In the counseling held from September to December, it has been revealed that 70 percent of the students preparing for the 10th and 12th board exams are not able to bear the pressure of studies. Out of these, there are about 22 percent students of 12th who have even talked about leaving the exam due to the fear of low marks.

Psychologist Dr. Kumar Mangalam Saraswat told that it has been revealed in the group dialogue that the students who were in high school in the year 2021 and will give the 12th exam this year, are facing the most problems. Because this year they have to take admission in other institutes or cities for further studies and on the basis of that their career will be made.

case one

Class 12th student of Ramganga Vihar resident wants to skip the exam this year. In counseling he told that I could not do regular studies during the Corona period. Last year the teachers did not tell the missed questions. Because of this, now I do not understand Physics and Maths subjects.

My head hurts as soon as I read it. I am afraid that if my marks are less then I will not be able to take admission in Delhi University. That’s why I am thinking of giving the exam next year. The student has been advised to divide the topic into small parts, study the same topic daily for one hour and get the solution from the teacher.

give case

The Class 11 student, a resident of Jigar Colony, always used to come in the top three students in his class. He told that father had lost his job during the Corona period. Due to financial problems at home, there was an atmosphere of tension. Couldn’t study because of this. When my father started manufacturing, I helped.

Now I am unable to study continuously. It is better to work in a shop or help my father. The student is motivated to read by seeing, writing, speaking and understanding the subject. Incorporate revision into the routine.

case three

A girl student resident of Jwala Nagar of Rampur had a dream of becoming a doctor from class five. He told that the topics were not understood in online studies. Passed 10th class without giving exam. 10th subjects were not taught in 11th. That’s why I told my father that I do not understand science subjects.

And get the Faculty of Arts, so they did not listen to me. Due to this fear, I do not sleep at night. In the counseling, the girl students have been asked to talk to the teachers, so that they understand her problem and solve her doubts in the extra class.

Do it Parents and Students

Go to sleep at ten in the night and wake up at four. Set aside two hours to memorize the chapters you read.

Give students who cannot study together for long periods of time a ten-minute break after every hour.

Students should give at least two hours a day only for writing.

If you are afraid of getting low marks or failing, then openly tell the parents and teachers.

Do not compare weak students with bright students.

Parents recognize the potential of the students, do not impose their wishes.

Instead of giving junk food to the students, give nutritious food.

Make sure to do yoga for half an hour, so that the concentration of the students can increase.

these are the symptoms

Anxiety, Phobia, Nausea, Loss of appetite, Dizziness, Sleeplessness, Wanting to leave home, Headache, Irritability.

Average and weak students are facing pressure due to not giving exams and studying offline from online. Till the year 2020, at this time two or three students used to come in OPD, but now seven and eight students are coming for counselling. Students with thoughts of leaving the exam are the maximum.

The base of the students in the subjects has not been strong. What the students are studying should be taught to them. Along with this, emphasis should also be laid on basic studies. They should also get the old chapters revised, so that in a month’s time, they can do regular practice and overcome the thoughts of leaving the exam.

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