The Kerala Story crosses Rs 80 crore mark

The Kerala Story has crossed the 80 crore mark. Feel more responsible, says director Sudipto Sen, film earning money despite facing ban in West Bengal. In fact, it has just been a week since its release and it is already inching closer to the 100 crore mark. In fact, it will definitely cross the mark by the second Saturday. After receiving such a reception from the audience, director Sudipto Sen penned a note on Twitter thanking everyone.

Sudipto Sen reacts to Kerala story as it earns Rs 81 cr

Director Sudipto Sen is all excited about his film The Kerala Story, which has collected Rs 81 crore in just 7 days. The film has been banned in West Bengal since May 8. At the same time, it has been made tax free in UP, Haryana and MP. Responding to the overwhelming love the film has received, he wrote, “Over 6000,000 people have seen this film in India so far. A new chapter is starting from today. The Kerala Story releasing in more than 40 countries simultaneously… more and more numbers keep adding up. More and more blessings, love and appreciation will overwhelm us. We will feel more responsible. more polite. More blessed #TheKeralaStory #VipulAmrutlalShah @adah_sharma Aashin_A_Shah @SiddhiIdnani @soniabalani9 (sic).”

Kerala story finds wider audience today

After its reception in India, the makers of The Kerala Story today on May 12, 37 Has decided to release in countries. Directed by Sudipto Sen, it depicts how women from Kerala were forced to convert to Islam and recruited by the terrorist group ISIS. The film has been at the center of controversies ever since its release last week.

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