SCO: Russia stands openly in support of China in India itself, told Quad-AUKUS the means to encircle the dragon

Diplomatic equations have changed around the world since the war between Russia and Ukraine started. Especially most of the countries have become alert about taking India towards their side. Russia and America are at the forefront of these. However, increasing diversification of its defense procurement from India is not going down well with Russia. Not only this, after the indirect support received from China in the war with Ukraine, Russia is also seen standing in its defense on different issues. Especially against America and western countries. An incident related to this came to the fore again on Friday, when in the meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization held in India, the Defense Minister of Russia openly condemned the US-cooperative multilateral organization – Quad and AUKUS and called them to surround China. Tried it.

What did the Defense Minister of Russia say?
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said during the meeting of defense ministers of SCO countries that the US and its partner countries are opposing the formation of a multilateral world in the Asia-Pacific. For this, they are also engaged in forming military and political alliances. Such as Quad and Aucus, which are being tried to be linked with NATO.

Shoigu said that the concept of free and open Indo-Pacific region is being promoted, so that China can be encircled. A front is being made for this. He said that the US and its proxies are running a diplomatic agenda to instigate a military confrontation between Russia and China.

The Russian Defense Minister said that the conflict in Ukraine is the result of their (Western countries) criminal policies. Its real goal is to defeat Russia diplomatically and intimidate China, so that these countries can maintain their monopoly in the whole world.

Resentment may increase in India on the statement of Defense Minister of Russia
Significantly, before the Defense Minister of Russia, the Russian Foreign Minister, who came to India for a program, also criticized the Quad regarding China. However, India has been making it clear till now that it is not with any one country and has been following the policy of diplomatic independence in the world. However, the result of Russia’s repeated support of China and opposition to alliances involving India can be seen in New Delhi-Moscow relations in the coming times. Especially despite the issues of the recent confrontation between India and China on the border, this attitude of Russia can prove to be hurtful for the Modi government.

On the one hand, where Russia is criticizing the alliance of India and Western countries on open forums, on the other hand, its Foreign and Defense Ministers have been continuously talking about the strengthening of India-Russia relations over the years. During the SCO summit in India, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had said after meeting Rajnath Singh that the relationship between the two countries has not been affected even after facing challenges.

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