Sangh said Dalits should ride mare like others, do Jalabhishek in Shiva temples, drink tea with servants and maids

Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) is increasing its penetration in Dalit and slum areas through social harmony programmes. In this sequence, the Sangh is going to organize mass worship in villages and cities, Jalabhishek in Shiva temples, respect for scavengers and refreshments among them.

This will increase the faith of the Sangh in the Dalit society, and then the Sangh will also expand its scope among them. The Sangh is trying to create such an atmosphere that no Dalit groom in the village is stopped from sitting on a mare. His marriage procession came out with pomp just like the groom of the general class family.

The practice of preventing Dalits from getting water from public wells should also be ended. For this, the volunteers of the Sangh will make people aware. Wherever there is a problem, there the problem will be solved.

The Sangh will work to connect the society by organizing programs in the villages on the birth anniversary of Valmiki, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and Sant Ravidas. According to the agenda received in the meeting of All India Representative Assembly of RSS, the Sangh is now busy in putting it on the ground in all the provinces of eastern and western region.

So that all castes of Hindus remain united
The officer associated with the harmony program of the Sangh said that the main objective of social harmony is to unite all castes of Hindus. If castes of Hindu religion keep fighting among themselves, then Hindu religion will be weak.

so why can’t you drink tea
The Sangh believes that when tea can be made from the woman who comes to work in the house, then why can’t we sit and drink tea with her. With this idea, the Sangh will go among the people. Will urge people to sit and have tea and refreshments with the servants and maids working in the house at least one day a week. Listen to their grievances and try to solve them as much as possible.

Jalabhishek program will be held in Sawan
The Sangh will organize Jalabhishek programs with Dalits in Shiva temples of villages and cities in the coming month of Sawan. In the village, the forward, backward and downtrodden people together will perform Jalabhishek on the Shivling. However, Havan Pujan is being organized in temples along with Dalits. Last year in Bahraich, people in Dalit settlements had stopped keeping idols of Lakshmi-Ganesh at home after coming under the influence of a particular community. On the information of this, the Sangh went there and started a campaign among the Dalits, so that they again started worshiping.

Work on environment and birds too
Sangh Swayamsevaks will plant trees near their houses or houses and protect them and also make people aware about it. For bird protection, people will be made aware to arrange food and water for birds, pigeons and other birds outside the house.

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