RSS: Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat said- only India helped Sri Lanka in the world, also spoke on Russia-Ukraine war

Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat addressed a gathering on Sunday. Addressing the meeting, the Sangh chief said that we are moving forward for religion at the global level. Other countries grow up and use sticks only on others. First Russia used to run, then America’s supremacy increased, then America started running the stick. Now China has come, it seems that now it will overtake America.

India is an ally of Ukraine
Mohan Bhagwat said that America and Russia are fighting by making Ukraine a pawn. Both say to India, come to our side, take our side. But India tells Russia-America that you are also our friend and you are also our friend, and this third one who is sandwiched between you two is also our friend. So first I will help it. India says that I do not take sides of either of you. This is not the time to fight, stop fighting.

Only India helped Sri Lanka
The RSS chief said that today India is moving forward for religion. Earlier Sri Lanka and China were friends, they made Pakistan friends, but kept us a bit away. Now when there was a crisis on Sri Lanka, who helped, who came forward, only one country India.

we help people
The Sangh chief says that a country that believes in religion will never take advantage of anyone. We take advantage of each other to live together, but it is a transaction of love. There is no transaction of the deal. Bhagwat further said that India is taking advantage, why not? But when our profit is needed by someone else, someone else can live hungry with what we earn, then India is a giving country.

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