Rajasthan Politics: Despite the warning of the high command, the pilot’s hunger strike today, the party may take disciplinary action

Sachin Pilot now CM Ashok Gehlot Whether or not it seems to be becoming a big headache for the Congress party as well. Pilot has announced a hunger strike against the Gehlot government on Tuesday, demanding an inquiry into the scams and corruption of the previous BJP’s Vasundhara government. At the same time, the Congress party has announced to contest the assembly elections on the basis of public interest schemes and achievements of the Gehlot government. In such a situation, Sachin Pilot’s fast will not only damage the public narrative of the Gehlot government, but will also cause a big loss to the Congress party in the assembly elections. That’s why Congress party has given strict instructions to Pilot to stop this fast.

Pilot’s fast against party interests and anti-party activity
Rajasthan Pradesh Congress in-charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa has issued a statement a day before on Monday night, clearly warning that Sachin Pilot’s fast is against the interests of the party and is an anti-party activity. If he has some issues with the government, they can be discussed on the party forum, but it is not right to take it to the media and the public. Randhawa also said that I am in-charge of AICC in Rajasthan for the last five months, but never discussed the issue raised by Sachin Pilot with me. I am in touch with him and still appeal that Sachin Pilot should hold talks in a peaceful manner as there is no dispute that he is an asset of the party.

Whose support behind the pilot is the big question
Sachin Pilot has also made it clear in his press conference that he has written letters to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot twice. Which were sent to CM on 28 March and 2 November 2022. Randhawa has also taken those letters from the CM and has come to his knowledge. Despite that, no action or investigation has been done on corruption cases so far, this is the pain of the pilot.

Sachin Pilot has given his suggestions to the Congress high command, this issue was also included in those suggestions. It is possible that Sukhwinder Singh Randhawa has come in new charge, so Pilot may not have discussed this issue with him, because Pilot’s dialogue has been direct with Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi and the Congress high command. Everything was in the knowledge of former in-charge Ajay Maken. When the Congress high command got the reconciliation done, some assurances were also given to Pilot, whose fulfillment he is still waiting for.

Pilot in the mood for an all-out fight
Perhaps Pilot had to announce the fast because now only 6-7 months are left for the assembly elections and no action is being taken on the issues raised by him. Sources also reveal that Sachin Pilot has now set the mood for an all-out fight. He wants himself to be firmly established among the public in the state before the elections. This is also a strategy to corner Gehlot on the basis of issues. However, Sachin Pilot will also be well aware of the disciplinary action to be taken, he has taken this decision after thinking carefully, but whose support is behind this election step of Sachin Pilot is a big question.

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