Railway: Prayagraj Sangam-Basti Express stopped today, Bapudham made till Rambagh

The doubling Railway work of Antu-Jagesharganj-Chilbila-Pratapgarh will be inspected by the Commissioner of Railway Safety on March 2. Due to this, 14231 Prayagraj Sangam-Basti Express running from Prayagraj Sangam on March 1 and 14232 Basti-Prayagraj Sangam Express running from Basti on February 1 will remain cancelled.

Bapudham will run till Prayagraj Rambagh

The 12538/12537 Banaras-Muzaffarpur-Banaras Bapudham Bi-weekly Express via Gorakhpur will be operated from March 1 to Prayagraj Rambagh. Muzaffarpur-Banaras Bi-Weekly Express will leave Prayagraj Rambagh at 05.00 am on Mondays and Wednesdays from March 1, leaving Banaras at 07.25 am and will reach Muzaffarpur at 6.10 pm.

The Banaras-Muzaffarpur Bi-Weekly Express will leave Muzaffarpur at 7.35 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays from March 1, leaving Banaras at 06.10 am and reaching Prayagraj Rambagh at 08.30 am.

retired railwaymen honored

Principal Chief Personnel Officer Bipin Kumar Railway Singh honored Assistant Engineer Dinesh Kumar Upadhyay, who retired on February 28, by giving him gold plated medal, liquidation amount form and service certificate. In another function organized in Personnel Department, 13 Non-Gazetted Railwaymen who were to retire were honored by Chief Personnel Officer, IR Awadhesh Kumar in the meeting hall of Personnel Department.

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