Railway accepted its mistake by giving notice to Bajrangbali, know what it did now

Encroachment Railways had given notice to Lord Bajrangbali in the matter, now the Railways has issued a new notice accepting the mistake in the matter. Notice has been given in the name of temple priest Harishankar Sharma

A strange act of the Railway Department has come to the fore in Morena, Madhya Pradesh. The department first issued a notice to Lord Bajrangbali sitting in the temple, then on realizing the mistake, issued a revised notice. In the new notice, the name of the priest of the temple was added by removing the name of Hanumanji.

In the first notice issued by the Railways, Bajrang Bali was asked to remove the encroachment within seven days, describing him as the encroachment. It was also warned that if the encroachment is not removed, railways will take action and the cost of JCB etc. will be recovered from Hanumanji.

Actually, these days the work of Gwalior-Sheopur broad gauge line is going on and a temple of Hanuman ji is coming in the middle of the broad gauge line in Sabalgarh tehsil of Morena district. It is also being told that this temple is built on the railway land. That’s why the railway department has issued a notice to Lord Hanuman ji himself in a hurry. In the notice, the Railways wrote that you have encroached on the railway land by building a house. This notice of Railways became very viral in the social media.

It was written in the notice in the name of Hanumanji
‘You have encroached on railway land by building a house in the middle kilometer of Sabalgarh. Therefore, within seven days of this notice, remove the encroachment made on the railway land and vacate the land, otherwise action will be taken by the administration to remove the encroachment made by you, whose loss and expenses will be yours (Lord Bajrang Bali’s). Will happen.

A copy of this notice given to Bajrang Bali was also sent to Assistant Divisional Engineer Gwalior and GRP station in-charge Gwalior. A copy of this notice given to Bajrang Bali was also sent to Assistant Divisional Engineer Gwalior and GRP station in-charge Gwalior.

mockery of railway
When the Railways started being ridiculed for this notice, the matter came to the notice of senior officials. He directed to issue revised notice immediately. Revised notice was done by Pujari Harishankar Sharma. He was given all those instructions which were given in the notice issued in the name of Hanumanji.

By mistake Hanumanji’s name was written
Railway’s disputed notice Jhansi Railway Division Senior Section Engineer, Jaura Alapur On February 8, it was issued in the name of Bajrang Bali Temple located in Sabalgarh. When contacted Manoj Mathur, Public Relations Officer of Jhansi Railway Division, to know the truth of this notice, he first called it a normal procedure of the Railways. However, later a revised notice was issued.

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