Putin threatened to attack Britain before Ukraine

Britain Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made a big disclosure today. Johnson said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had threatened to fire missiles at me before attacking Ukraine. The former PM said that on February 24 last year, before Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, Putin had asked me not to cooperate.

Putin threatened to call Johnson
Johnson said that during a phone call Putin had threatened a missile attack. The former British PM made the statement in a BBC documentary titled ‘Putin vs the West’ aired on Monday. He said that the Russian President told me that I do not want to hurt you, but it will only take me a minute to drop a missile on you.

Johnson had warned
Former Prime Minister Johnson also said that he warned Putin that Russia could be in trouble if they invaded Ukraine, as Western countries would impose sanctions on them and more NATO troops would be pushed along the Russian border. The BBC reported that he also tried to deter Russian military action by telling Putin that Ukraine would not join NATO “for the foreseeable future”.

Defense Secretary said – Russia wanted to show strength
The BBC documentary also features UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, who On February 11, his Russian counterpart Sergei went to Moscow to meet The documentary revealed that Wallace went in with an assurance that Russia would not invade Ukraine, but told both sides that this was a lie. He described Russia’s attack as “bullying and a show of strength”.

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