Pakistan: Inflation broke the record of 50 years, people yearn for every grain; Deaths in the crowd gathering for food

Neighboring country Pakistan Things have become very bad. Pakistan’s inflation reached 35.37 percent in the month of March. Highest inflation rate in 50 years. Consumer prices have increased by 35.37 percent compared to a year ago. The situation is that people are forced to sleep hungry. Every day there is a stampede in one city or the other for cheap food.

Pakistan has run out of foreign exchange. In such a situation, the government here needs a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The conditions for this are very tough. Inflation is increasing in the process of fulfilling these conditions. CPI inflation has reached a 50-year high of 35.37 per cent in the month of March. Experts say that it will increase further. The central bank has raised the benchmark interest rate by 300 bps to 20 per cent to counter rising inflation.

Transport rose by 54 per cent, food inflation by over 47 per cent
The data showed that transport prices soared 54.94 per cent in March, while food inflation soared 47.15 per cent in March. The prices of clothes and shoes have increased by 21.93 per cent and those of housing, water and electricity by 17.49 per cent.

12 killed in stampede to beg for ration
Stampede broke out while distributing free ration as alms in Pakistan. 12 people died in this. The incident is linked to a factory near Nauras Crossroads in the Site area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKarachi. Free ration was being distributed here on Friday evening, due to which a crowd of people had gathered. During every Ramzan, people here distribute ration. Police said three children and eight women were among the dead. Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah announced a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the next of kin of those killed in the stampede and Rs 1 lakh to the injured.

condition will worsen
According to the report of Pakistani newspaper Dawn, there has been an increase in the prices of goods in the country for the last several months. The annual inflation is 20 per cent higher than June last year. The Finance Ministry has said in its monthly economic update and outlook released on Friday that inflation may increase further in the coming days. The reason behind this has been attributed to the increase in energy and fuel prices and the policies of the central bank.

Lemon 800 rupees, garlic 640 rupees kg
According to Pakistani TV news channel Duniya, the price of lemon has reached Rs 800 per kg in Pakistani rupees during Ramzan. The retail price is Rs 200 per 250 grams. Talking about garlic, it is being sold at Rs 640 per kg. The retail rate of tomato and bitter gourd is Rs 120 per kg, while the cost of ridge gourd is Rs 140 per kg. The price of Kachnar, which was sold for Rs 350 before Ramzan, has reached Rs 600. In the month of Ramadan, Muslims eat fruits during Iftar. But the price of fruits is increasing continuously. Watermelon, which was sold at Rs 70 per kg before Ramzan, is now being sold above Rs 250.

Fruit prices also increased in Pakistan
Before Ramzan, the price of banana in Pakistan was Rs.100 a dozen. But many reports say that in some areas it is selling up to Rs 250-500. Strawberries, which were sold for Rs 50 for 250 grams, are now available for Rs 150. The prices of food items are continuously increasing in Pakistan. According to local media reports in Pakistan, many people boycotted buying expensive fruits. If we talk about flour in Pakistan, then it is at its highest price.

Pakistan is also facing water crisis
Along with the food crisis, water crisis is also being seen in Pakistan. Water scarcity is a major concern for Pakistan, as Pakistan had witnessed a major flood not too long ago. According to a report, the Indus River System Authority said that there is a shortage of water, due to which it will be forced to follow a ‘controversial’ three-tier water management mechanism to give water to the states. The Technical Committee of IRSA held a meeting on 24 March.

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