Open pole of Amritpal who talks about revolution and religion

Security and intelligence agencies have found many surprising facts while probing the funds received by Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal from abroad. Chats received from Amritpal’s Instagram and Snapchat accounts revealed that he used to have obscene conversations with women.

The agencies have found some clips from his social media accounts which prove that Amritpal used to blackmail some women by threatening to make their videos viral.

The real face of Amritpal, who brought revolution by creating Khalistan in his speeches and talked religiously, has come to the fore. He was leading a double life in public and on social media.

In his chat, he has also accepted that a girl from Canada is also in his relation. Police is investigating 28 such accounts from which Amritpal was getting funding.

3200 policemen, 1400 jawans, 50 checkpoints in eight districts
Amritpal Singh, chief of Waris Punjab De, finally managed to escape out of Punjab. He overpowered the police of eight districts. After the arrest of the woman who gave shelter to Amritpal in Haryana, it has become clear that he had left Punjab and entered Haryana on March 19 itself, while the police continued to search the villages of Punjab.

On the day he fled, 3200 policemen and officers from eight districts, 1400 jawans of two central companies were deployed in Jalandhar. Checking was being done at 50 points, but the police could not catch him. He kept dodging the police by changing several vehicles one after the other.

From the areas where the police were looking for him, he comfortably reached the last part of Jalandhar on a bike and later left for Haryana via the Delhi-Amritsar National Highway. This has also raised a big question on the Punjab Police and its intelligence system. The police destroyed the 22-day plan of the Center and the Punjab government.

On March 18, Amritpal Singh was going to Muktsar Saheb with a convoy, when he saw a heavy police force near Kamalke police post, he immediately left the Mercedes car and boarded a Breeza car and left on the wrong side. Then it was around 11.40 in the morning. Amritpal and his accomplice Papalpreet reached Nangal Ambian in a Breeza, from where they had food at Gurdwara Sahib and Amritpal Singh changed his appearance.

Police vehicles were searching for him in Link Road and Mahitpur, Shahkot, Dharamkot, Nakodar, Nurmahal, Bilga areas. Apart from central security forces, teams from intelligence agency to counter intelligence were also on the road. Jalandhar Police Commissioner Kuldeep Chahal, DIG Jalandhar Range Swapan Sharma were personally overseeing the entire operation.

By 12 o’clock it was clear to the police that Amritpal had fled, but he was present in Nangal Ambian village. On March 18 itself, he had left Nangal Ambian with Papalpreet Singh wearing a pink turban on a bike. After this, reached Darapur (Bilga), about 45 km by bike via village Ismailpur via Mahisampur.

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