Official claims 90% of people in China’s third most populous province are Covid positive

China’s third The most populous province is Henan. A rapid increase in the cases of Kovid is being seen in this province. A top official told that about 90 percent of the people here have now been infected with Kovid-19.

As of January 6, 2023, the province’s COVID infection rate is 89.0 percent, said Kan Quancheng, director of the health commission of central Henan province. The population of the province is 9.94 crores. This means that according to the official, around 88.5 million people in Henan may now be Covid positive.

The number of people going to the hospital decreased after December

Kan Quancheng said the number of patients visiting the hospital peaked in mid-December. But, after this, a continuous decline is being seen in it. This happened after China suddenly withdrew from its strict ‘zero-covid’ policy that it had had since the start of the pandemic.

This included lockdown, quarantine and mass testing. However, due to this fierce protests had started all over China.

Infection likely to increase again due to Lunar New Year

Beijing has also lifted mandatory quarantine restrictions for all international travelers and opened its border with Hong Kong. Millions of people in China are expected to travel from the big cities to the rural areas of China. In fact, at the end of this month, Lunar New Year is celebrated in the country.

Still China is telling less number of infected

With this, there is a possibility of increasing infection in the country. Because official figures show 34.7 million people traveled domestically, up more than a third from last year. Despite this, official figures last week said only 120,000 people had been infected since China eased Covid restrictions. At the same time, only 30 people have died due to this.

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