Nafisa was thrown out of her in-laws house on the very first day of marriage, then who became the support

Bollywood The life of well-known actress Nafisa Ali has been full of ups and downs. Nafisa was thrown out of her in-laws’ house on the very first day of marriage, then who became her support, yet Nafisa has faced every situation with determination. Nafisa was elected Miss India in 1976. She has also been a champion in swimming.

His professional career was much better. She is also known for her outspokenness, but do you know she was thrown out of the house by her in-laws on the first day itself. Let us know some interesting stories related to Nafisa-

Nafisa is celebrating her birthday today. He was born on 18 January 1957 in Kolkata, West Bengal. Nafisa’s father, Ahmed Ali, is a Bengali Muslim, while her mother, Philomana, is a Roman Catholic. Nafisa’s grandfather S Wajid Ali was one of the famous Bengali writers. So Nafisa’s aunt Zaib-un-Nisha-Hamidullah is a Pakistani journalist.

Nafisa’s love story started like it does in movies. Famous actress Nafisa of 80-90 decade belonged to a Muslim family and Ravinder Singh Sodhi came from Sikh family. Both loved each other, but religion was coming in the way of marriage.

Both the families did not give consent for the marriage of Nafisa and Ravinder, due to which Nafisa and Ravinder had a court marriage. After marriage, Ravinder went to his house with his wife Nafisa, but as soon as he entered Nafisa’s house, his mother locked him outside and did not allow him to enter the house.

There is a saying that lakhs of problems come in between true love, but it definitely succeeds. The same happened with Nafisa and Ravinder’s relationship. When Nafisa’s mother-in-law did not allow her to live in the house, she started living at Ravinder’s friends’ house.

But after some time his mother-in-law and Jeth came and took her to her in-laws house. And again they were married with full rituals. After 18 years of marriage, he again returned to films. In the year 2018, Nafisa got cancer, although she has won the battle with cancer as well.

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