MP News: Kamal Nath’s tongue slipped in Chhindwara, said- Shivraj is counting his last breaths, later said political breath

Madhya Pradesh Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath has fiercely targeted the BJP government and CM Shivraj on the Chhindwara tour. He said that Shivraj Singh ji, you have 6 months left, make as many announcements as you want. Later the public will see you off with great love. During this, Kamal Nath’s tongue also slipped, he kept saying during the speech that Shivraj was counting his last breaths, later he corrected and said that political last breath. Whatever may be the case, politics is sure to heat up on this issue.

Please inform that Kamal Nath was on a tour of Chhindwara. Kamal Nath said that Shivraj Singh ji has made 25 thousand announcements so far. You have taken a loan of crores of rupees, have you given employment to any unemployed. What did you do for guest teachers, Asha Ursha workers. You gave big contracts and took 25 percent advance in them and took out your commission. Your commission is set from Panchayat to Mantralaya, MP has become number one in corruption and unemployment, in such a way no investor is ready to come here.

Chhindwara’s budget stopped
Kamal Nath also targeted the Chief Minister regarding Chhindwara, he said that the MLA, Mayor, Zip President all belong to the Congress, that’s why their hands and feet get swollen after hearing the name of Chhindwara, that’s why they stopped the budget of the university, this step-motherly treatment from Chhindwara are doing.

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