MP Election: Former IAS Varadamurthy’s party announced candidates for two assembly seats, 28 candidates also decided

The enthusiasm for the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh is increasing day by day. Apart from this BJP, Congress, many parties are also looking for hope here. One such party, the Real India Party, has announced the names of candidates for two assembly seats on Sunday. At the same time, it was told that 28 candidates have also been decided, whose announcement will also be made by next month.

Please tell that Varadamurthy Mishra, who was an IAS in MP, had talked about contesting elections from all the seats by forming his own party this time. He has formed the Real India Party, and has traveled across the state to recruit people for the party. The national convention of the Real India Party was held at Ravindra Bhavan in Bhopal on Sunday. In this, Varadmurthy Mishra officially announced the candidates from Bargi in Jabalpur district and Gotegaon assembly seats in Narsinghpur district.

Mishra said that Harigovind Jharia, who was the district president of the Samajwadi Party in Narsinghpur district, has been nominated by the Real India Party from Gotegaon seat in Narsinghpur district. On the other hand, Ashish Patel, who was the district co-convenor of BJP Antyodaya Cell, has been declared the candidate from Bargi seat in Jabalpur district. Mishra said that 28 candidates have been decided in our Madhya Pradesh. Their list will be released officially in the next one month.

In the national convention, the party’s National President, former IAS Varad Murthy Mishra said that both BJP and Congress parties got equal opportunity in the power of Madhya Pradesh, but both these parties are directionless, visionless. Ladli Bahna Yojana is a means of trapping women. The government which has a loan of 3.30 lakh crores, how will it be able to give money to women. Will the government repay the loan or give money to the women. This is just an election plan. It will be closed after December. Mishra said that if even half the people in the IAS lobby were good, they could have worked to change the society. Nothing can change until change is brought in politics. If a man does not get employment opportunity in ten years, then his life is ruined.

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