Modi @ 20 painting exhibition inaugurated at Ravindra Bhawan, 20 years of Modi’s work depicted in pictures

The three-day Modi @ 20 National Painting Exhibition was inaugurated on Friday at Ravindra Bhavan in Bhopal. In this exhibition, the work done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi while holding administrative posts for the last 20 years has been shown in pictures. The Fine Arts Gallery of Rabindra Bhavan also presented around 200 artworks by 60 painters based on the work style and achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It covers various aspects of his life. This exhibition will continue from April 21 to April 23.

inaugurated by the governor
The exhibition was inaugurated by Governor Mangubhai Patel. Along with Bhopal MP Pragya Singh Thakur, Mayor Malti Rai was also present as a special guest in the programme. During this, he saw the paintings displayed in the gallery and also gave his brief address. On the other hand, the Medical Education Minister of the state also came to see the photo exhibition.

nail portrait
Titled Ek Sutra, Sutradhar of India, this painting was created by Shubham Kushwaha. Shubham made a portrait of PM Modi with thread and nails. Shubham told that it took about 10 days to prepare this experimental art. About two and a half thousand stripes and 200 nails have been used in this painting. The border is stitched with black thread.

Pictures of 11 revolutionaries including Bhagat Singh
Two paintings of Bharti Chauhan have been displayed in the exhibition. In one painting, he has made a total of 12 artworks smaller than one inch from pistachio peel. It has pictures of 11 revolutionaries including Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad. In the middle, PM Modi’s painting is visible. In the second painting, PM Modi has been shown as an angel.

color message
Yogricha Verma has made PM’s painting on unity and integrity. In this message was given through colors and heritage. Yogricha told that it took ten days to make it. The Statue of Unity displayed in the painting is giving the message of unity of the country. Whereas Ram Mandir is showing our culture.

picture of bright future
Artist Richa Singh Chandel’s painting depicts a sunrise scene with the Ram temple all around and Prime Minister Modi as the rising sun in the centre. His picture is engraved in a wooden plate with fine beads painting on it. This painting depicts the bright future of the country.

Vision of Modi seen in colors

Nikita David has made a painting with the title Vision of Modi. In this, the vision of PM Modi has been painted with the seven colors of the rainbow. Red color shows his inclination towards Indian civilization, orange shows youth empowerment, yellow shows women empowerment, and green shows the colors of nature.

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