Mayawati lashed out at Congress by tweeting, said the promise of caste census is just a hoax

BSP supremo Mayawati has said that Congress’s promise of caste census and reservation in private sector is an illusion as they do nothing like this when in power. BSP supremo Mayawati has targeted the Congress. In a tweet, he said that the talk of the Congress regarding reservation in the private sector in the caste census in the Raipur session is only deceit and politics of electoral interest because the Congress does the opposite when it is in power. The attitude of BJP is also similar.

He said that on the famous and important issue of reservation in promotion, the Congress and the BJP had not allowed the related bill to be passed in the Parliament by forwarding the SP. Who can forget this casteist conspiracy. These sections are still facing the unfortunate consequences of this.

He said that it is the result of the conspiracy of anti-BSP parties that reservation for these classes in government jobs and education has become almost inactive. The reserved seats have been lying vacant for years while the new quota of EWS is promptly filled by the government.

Mayawati said that not only this, the Congress and other casteist parties, while in power, keep the Dalits and tribals, especially the Dalits, on the sidelines even from high positions in the party organization.

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