Manager’s murder: hands and feet tied to a pole, beaten till breathlessness; The marks of injury on the dead body testified to vandalism

Shahjahanpur A video of Shivam, the manager of a transport company being tied to a pole, is going viral, in which Shivam’s hands and feet are tied to a pole and a young man is showering him with a pole. Hosiery items are kept in the godown of which the video is. There about a dozen people are also standing around Shivam.

In the video, Shivam is seen becoming unconscious due to the beating. It is feared that the accused thrashed Shivam till he became half-dead. When his breath started coming up, he took him to the hospital and ran away after getting him admitted in the abandoned.

The family got the information late on Tuesday night and when they reached the medical college, they were shocked to see the dead body. Shivam had injury marks all over his body testifying to brutal beating.

When father Adhish Johri held the son’s head, his hands were stained with blood. There was also a wound on the head. Seeing the condition of the dead body, it did not take them long to understand that Shivam had been brutally beaten to death. The video that went viral on social media on Wednesday night confirmed the murder.

murder of company manager
Let us tell you that in Shahjahanpur, the manager of the transport company, Shivam Johri (32), was tied up in a godown and beaten to death. A video of the incident went viral, in which Shivam is being tied up in a godown and beaten with a stick. Police station Sadar Bazar has registered a murder report against seven people including businessman leader Neeraj Gupta and transport company owner Bankim Suri on Tahrir of Shivam’s father.

Police have detained six people including the transporter in this case. According to Adhish Johri, who lives in Mohalla Azizganj of Chowk Kotwali area, his son Shivam Johri was a manager in Shahjahanpur Suri Transport for seven years. On Tuesday evening, he was admitted to the Government Medical College in critical condition by a young man showing him as abandoned. He died during treatment.

He told that in the evening Balram, an employee of the transport company, informed him about Shivam getting electrocuted. Told that he is admitted in the Medical College. When he reached there with the family members, the body was found kept in the mortuary. Shivam had injury marks on his head as well as on his body.

Had to go to see the girl for marriage yesterday
After the death of his son, Adhish Johri was completely broken. He was living his life with the support of his son Shivam. His wife had died in 1998. In the year 2016, his elder son died of a heart attack in Delhi. Shivam was his only support. He was preparing to bring daughter-in-law in the house. According to Adhish, on April 14, Shivam had to go to see the girl.

The report of the death of the accountant of the transport company was registered. Investigation is going on in the matter, soon the matter will be disclosed.- S. Anand, SP

The allegation of assault is completely baseless. Why would we or our people fight with anyone. Shivam died due to electrocution. – Neeraj Gupta, business leader

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