Makar Sankranti is no longer accepted in Ujjain, Bohra community protested by burning Manjha

In Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain, the advice of the administration is now paying off. Awareness about China door has started coming among the people. In Ujjain people have started opposing it and also advising people not to use it. The Bohra community protested by burning the Holi of China Door.

Let us inform that in Ujjain last year China Door took the life of an innocent. Even before the arrival of the festival of Makar Sankranti, the police and the district administration were engaged in making the citizens aware about this. Residents of the city should not use China Door, that is why Collector Ashish Singh had also ordered to register a case under Section 181 of Bhadvi against those who store, sell and use China Door.

Recently, the police-administration had also taken strict action to get these orders obeyed. Cases were also registered against those who broke into the houses of people selling China doors and those who used to fly kites from China doors. At the same time, taking out a rally, requested the residents of the city not to use the China Door.

The police, by taking out another rally and through an announcement, appealed to the residents of the city not to use China Door and on the other hand, the police caught the kite fliers using China Door and sold China Door despite the ban through them. To reach the roof of some houses had also reached.

Bohra community lit the Holi of China Door

The Kharakuan police, under the campaign against China Door, removed last year’s old China door from the houses of citizens with the efforts of social youth activist Mitra Mandali.

The residents of Kharakuan area were inspired by Police station in-charge Kharakuan Rajveer Singh Gurjar and Mustafa A. Peethawala to boycott the deadly China door and avoid its use.

Thana Kharakuan Police Staff and Mustafa-e-Pithawala Mandali With the efforts of the public cooperation, China door was collected in large quantity and burnt on Kharakuan road and citizens in the area were told about the damage caused by China door and citizens were requested to boycott it completely.

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