LG’s response to relations with AAP in a poetic way

New Delhi, Thursday, March 17, 2023: The war of words between Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena is not new. Something similar happened on Friday as well. Today the budget session started in the Delhi Assembly. After the address, LG was among the journalists. On the one hand, inside the Vidhan Sabha, the Lieutenant Governor listed the achievements of the Delhi government and after coming out, he targeted CM Kejriwal in a poetic way. The reply of the Chief Minister also came on this.

LG spoke to reporters while leaving the assembly. Here he talked about the dignity of language and said, there is no doubt that in the last few days the dignity of speech has been broken. Further, he said in a poetic manner, ‘Every day my leaves fall, yet my relations do not break with the winds.’ Seeing this poetic style of LG, all the people present there laughed.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also replied on this. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on the statement of Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena, I understand these are small things. Democracy should be respected. If two crore people have elected and sent a government, then that government should be allowed to work. If you do not allow that government to work, if you create various kinds of obstacles, then it is not right.

Along with this, on the ruckus of BJP MLAs during the Lieutenant Governor’s address, Kejriwal said, it is not right, because we were seeing that according to the rules, disturbing during LG’s speech is in a way against decorum. There is contempt of the House in a way. So on this, a resolution has been passed by the whole House that this entire matter will be sent to the appropriate committee that such disturbances should not have been done during the LG’s speech.

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