Jammu and Kashmir: Passing out parade of BSF in Udhampur, new constables from 20 states took oath to serve the country

After the oath, all the jawans saluted the chief guest, Inspector General of Border Security Force, Dinesh Kumar Bura by a grand parade. Everyone was forced to applaud after seeing the spectacular parade of the newly constables. The convocation ceremony took place on Saturday at BSF’s Auxiliary Training Center (ATC) located in Raun Domel area of ​​Udhampur district. In this, 147 new constables from 20 states of the country dedicated themselves to the service of the nation by taking an oath to protect the country’s pride, pride and glory.

Dinesh Kumar Bura, Inspector General Border Security Force Frontier Headquarters was the chief guest on the occasion. The convocation ceremony began with the inspection of the parade at around 8.30 am. After this, all the new constables dedicated themselves to the service of the country by taking the oath of the Indian Constitution.

After the oath taking ceremony, all the jawans saluted the chief guest by a grand parade. After seeing the spectacular parade of the new constables, everyone was forced to applaud. After this, the chief guest honored the new constables who performed brilliantly during training in ATC by giving them medals.

The award of Parade Commander and Over All First was given to newly constable Harsh Sharma. The over all second prize was given to -Nov Constable Mohammad Arif Ansari, Best Fire -Nov Constable Patil Valmik Saheb Rao and Best in PT -Nov Constable Sawant Bhavesh Anil.

Addressing the new constables, the chief guest said that today 147 new constables batch number 184 of this training center, who belong to different states, successfully completed 44 weeks of tough basic training to shoulder the responsibility of protecting India’s borders. Ready from.

The enthusiasm and courage of these youths, through the parade, the brilliant display of their military capability and talent, is commendable and gives the message of security to the entire countrymen that they are doing this for the pride, pride and glory of Mother India. Brave soldiers are fully capable to face any situation.

These youths, full of fighting skills and military spirit, are not only capable of protecting the borders of the country, but they are also ready to handle the responsibility of internal security with full responsibility and passion.

Your future as a sentinel in this elite force is full of challenges. To successfully face these challenges, you will have to work with full determination and understanding while adapting yourself to the circumstances.

Today you have mastered the training, but you have to use the knowledge and techniques imparted by the instructors with wisdom and discretion to successfully face the challenges before the nation and the force.

During the discharge of the responsibility, there will be many such occasions when you will have to show your mental and physical courage in the face of challenges and dangers.

You always have to live up to the expectations not only of your colleagues and your higher officials but also of the countrymen. This will be possible only when the spirit of honesty, patriotism and integrity is constantly present in you.

New constables of 20 states took oath

Uttar Pradesh 12, Rajasthan 6, Bihar 20, West Bengal 13, Jharkhand 9, Maharashtra 16, Tamil Nadu 8, Punjab 3, Andhra Pradesh 6, Nagaland 1, Chhattisgarh took oath at the convocation. 6 in Gujarat, 4 in Haryana, 11 in Madhya Pradesh, 3 in Uttarakhand, 14 in Odisha, 2 in Karnataka, 1 in Meghalaya, 3 in Assam, 2 in Kerala, 1 in J&K and 3 in Telangana. constables were involved.

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