India is not just a land but an expression of our civilisation, culture and potential – PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered prayers at the Malseri Dungri Temple in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. PM Narendra Modi has reached Asind in the district for the 1111th birth anniversary of Lord Devnarayan, the folk deity of the state. PM Modi’s visit is also being viewed politically.

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered prayers at Malseri Dungri Temple in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. PM Narendra Modi has reached Asind in the district for the 1111th birth anniversary of Lord Devnarayan, the folk deity of the state. PM Modi is addressing a public meeting in Bhilwara.

In his address in Bhilwara, Prime Minister Modi said, ‘I am blessed to have darshan of both Lord Devnarayan and Janata Janardan. Like all the devotees who have come here from all over the country, I have come to seek blessings from Lord Devnarayan for continuous service to the nation.

He said, ‘We the people of India take pride in our civilization, our history dating back thousands of years. Many attempts were made to break India geographically, culturally and socially but no force could destroy India.

He further said, ‘India is not just a landmass but an expression of our civilization, culture and potential. Today India is laying the foundation of its future, the biggest inspiration behind it… That driving force is the power of our society, the power of the people.

PM Modi said, ‘Shri Devnarayan ji Bhagwan spread the spirit of harmony in the society, united the society, worked towards establishing an ideal system. This is the reason that every section of the society has reverence and faith in him. That’s why Lord Devnarayan is like the head of the family in public life. He always gave supremacy to service and public welfare.

The PM said, for the last 8-9 years, the country is trying to empower every section of the society, which has been neglected and deprived. The path shown by Lord Devnarayan is for everyone’s development with everyone’s support. Today the country is walking on this path.

He further said, ‘Last year on the occasion of Independence Day, I had urged the Red Fort to walk on Panch Prana. The aim is that we all should take pride in our heritage, get out of the mindset of slavery and remember our duties towards the country.

PM Modi said in his address that the farmer is getting all possible help today. The small farmer who used to yearn for the help of the government is also getting direct help from the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi for the first time. Lord Devnarayan had made cow service a medium of social service and empowerment. For the last few years, the spirit of cow service has been continuously strengthened in the country.

The PM said, ‘Rajasthan is a land of heritage… Here there is creation, enthusiasm and celebration, hard work and charity… Bravery is a household ritual here. Raga and raga are synonymous with Rajasthan. Equally important is the struggle and restraint of the people here. This inspirational place has been witness to many glorious moments of India. The great men, people’s leaders, folk gods and social reformers here have always shown the way to the country.

The PM said, ‘Today’s India… ‘New India’ is correcting the mistakes committed in the past decades. Whoever has contributed in the development of India, they are being brought to the fore. The whole world is looking towards India with great hopes. Today India is speaking its words on the injury of Danke, India is reducing its dependence on other countries. We have to stay away from everything that is against the unity of our countrymen.

He said, we will work hard, everyone will do it together and success will be achieved by everyone’s efforts. I am very grateful to the society that it has invited me here as a devotee. The power of society and the devotion of society inspired me and I have reached here today.

Please tell that Prime Minister Modi will be present at the ceremony at Malaseri Dungri from 11.30 am to 12.45 pm. During this, he will first offer prayers at Lord Sreedevnarayan temple. Where the Prime Minister will be worshiped by Hemraj Poswal, the chief priest of the temple. After this the Prime Minister will address a public meeting of lakhs of people.

Will give a big message from the stage
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will give a big message to the Gurjar community from the spiritual platform. According to the sources, many saints of Gurjar Samaj have been called in the program from all over the state. Workers of BJP organization and social workers of Gurjar Samaj are jointly engaged in preparations to make the program big.

With the visit of PM Modi, Malaseri Dungri of Rajasthan will get a new identity in the country. There will be cultural, religious and spiritual upliftment of the region. Modi can also give a socially important message to the Gujjar community.

Preparations are being made to breach the Congress-Pilot vote bank
Prime Minister Modi’s fourth consecutive visit to Rajasthan is being seen in a political manner. Through this visit of PM Modi, BJP is preparing to make a big dent in the vote bank of Congress party in Rajasthan. Along with this, efforts can also be made to reduce Sachin Pilot’s influence on Gurjar society.

Rajasthan assembly elections to be held this year
This is PM Narendra Modi’s third visit to Rajasthan in the last 4 months. Earlier, Modi had come to Mangarh Dham in Banswara district on 1 November 2022 and addressed a public meeting. Prior to this, on September 30, 2022, Modi came to Abu Road in Rajasthan. While returning from Gujarat’s Amba Mata, he reached Abu Road helipad and from the stage of the program bowed down three times to the land and people of Rajasthan. The political meaning of PM’s visits is also being extracted.

How much is the Gujjar vote bank in the country
The number of Gurjar community across the country is about 8 crore. There are 60 lakh of them in the state. Gurjar community has influence on 11 Lok Sabha and 35 to 40 assembly seats. People of Gurjar community live in 12 out of 33 districts. In the last assembly elections, Congress had given tickets to 12 leaders of Gurjar community, out of which 8 won. BJP had fielded 9 Gujjar leaders as candidates, out of which not a single one could win the election. Lok Sabha elections are also to be held next year. The BJP can get its direct benefit in the Lok Sabha elections.

8 feet high pandal was made
A big pandal has been made in Bhilwara for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose height is about 8 feet. The stage is 28 feet in length and 56 feet in width. In view of this programme, elaborate security arrangements have also been made. Seating arrangements have been made for about 1 lakh people in this pandal. At the same time, along with the main pandal, other pandals are also being made, where more and more people can sit.

Parking has been arranged 3 kilometers away
All about Prime Minister Modi’s program in Bhilwara The preparations are almost complete. Coming to PM Modi’s congregation The work of cleaning the parking lot by marking the place for parking of vehicles is in the final stage. People will be able to park their four wheelers and two wheelers at the parking lot.

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