Huddang, gimmick, ruckus to frills, BJP leader’s attack on Rahul Gandhi’s petition

defamation Today, Rahul Gandhi will file a petition in Surat’s sessions court against the two-year sentence in the case. According to sources, during this time many big Congress leaders including Priyanka Gandhi will be with him. Chief Ministers of Congress ruled states will also be present. BJP has now targeted on this. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra termed it as gimmick and said that all these people are going to create ruckus in the name of appeal.

Sambit Patra said in a press conference, ‘Rahul Gandhi is going to Surat with his family members, Chief Ministers of Congress-ruled states. Here they will try to create a ruckus in the name of appealing against the two-year sentence awarded by the court. Patra further questioned Congress and Rahul whether it is an attempt to put pressure on the judiciary?

After all, what is the need of commotion?
Sambit Patra said, ‘Rahul Gandhi was convicted and punished for insulting the OBC community by using casteist words for the people of the OBC community. His membership was cancelled. This action has been taken only under the law made during the UPA government. Now all of them are going to file a petition against the sentence. There is going to be an uproar. What is the need of this uproar? These people are directly going to do gimmicks.

What is the matter?
Actually, Rahul Gandhi was accused of making controversial remarks on ‘Modi surname’ during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In this case, a defamation case was filed against Rahul by Gujarat’s BJP MLA and former minister Purnesh Modi. Hearing on which, a court in Surat gave its verdict last days. Rahul Gandhi was convicted in this case and sentenced to two years. As per the rule, if an MP or MLA is punished for two years or more, then his membership is lost. The same happened with Rahul. The very next day, the Lok Sabha Secretariat had issued an order to withdraw his membership.

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