Holi 2023: If you do not want to fall in the colors of Holi, then take care of your eyes through these tips

Holi is the festival of colors and is considered to be one of the most popular festivals in India. On this day, a bright and joyful atmosphere is seen everywhere. The bright colors of the people and their clothes give a sense of how colorful and cheerful this world is.

There should only be a point of view. If we are talking about seeing, then it becomes necessary to mention the eyes here.

The one who spoils the color of this festival is carelessness, which you should avoid. On the day of Holi, many people lose consciousness in the excitement of applying color to the person in front of them and as a result, their face, nose, ears and eyes get hurt.

In such a situation, if this has happened to you too and you want that your eyes should not face any discomfort and harm this year, then here are some things that you should adopt.

To save the eyes from the colors of Holi, do this work – wash the eyes with clean water

While playing Holi, the color around the eyes should always be washed with clean and drinking water. You can also use rose water to keep the eyes clean. Rose water helps to remove pigment spots and dust from the eyes. Rose water also has antiseptic properties. Also, it helps in reducing the irritation of the affected eye due to chemicals.

instill eye drops to lubricate the eyes

When the festival is over you should clean your eyes with cold water and after that you should use drops of eye drops as suggested by your doctor. There are various eye drops available in the market, it is recommended to apply it to prevent any eye allergies but try the ones suggested by your doctor.

Using eye drops will provide relief from itching and pain in your eyes. Use one drop each before and after playing Holi.

wear sunglasses

Always keep one thing in mind that when someone tries to apply color on the face, always close your eyes. This eliminates the possibility of colors going into the eyes. Also, wear sunglasses or handy shades before you go out. This will make you look cool and also protect your eyes.

use moisturizer or coconut oil

Use a good moisturizer around your eyes so that no color gets deposited around your eyes as well. Cold cream works to protect from the colors of Holi. You can also massage natural coconut oil around your eyes before playing Holi.

Like cream, coconut oil will prevent color from getting into your eyes because it will sit on the surface of your skin and make it less likely to fly off.

This is one of the top rated eye care tips to understand while playing Holi. You should be especially careful with granular particles of chemical dyes.

These are toxic and can affect the abrasion in the cornea. This eye difficulty causes severe pain and needs to be treated by a specialist to prevent the development of an ulcer or infection.

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