High Court ban on 27% OBC reservation in Madhya Pradesh, government recruitment of young candidates is not happening

Till now no consensus has been reached by the court on the provision of 27 percent reservation in government jobs to Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in Madhya Pradesh. One lakh employees are to be recruited this year, but after the strict stand of the court, the process may get complicated.

It may be mentioned that this week, the Indore bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court had stayed the 27 percent OBC reservation and ordered that the process of recruitment to OBC reserved posts should be done according to the 14 percent reservation.

Police recruitment done according to 27 percent reservation

The state government recruited police according to 27 percent reservation of OBC candidates, after which the High Court, while giving its verdict, directed that the selection list should be issued again, which should be prepared according to 14 percent reservation. After this decision, the future of young candidates of OBC along with other categories of Madhya Pradesh has come under threat.

Young candidates have to wait

After this decision of the High Court, the young candidates are waiting for their appointment. Explain that in the year 2019, the former Kamal Nath government of Congress had passed the Public Service Reservation Amendment Act 2019 for Scheduled Castes, Tribes and Other Backward Classes (OBC), in which the reservation of OBC class was increased from 14 percent to 27 percent. Was.

Misleading information going on’

During a conversation with Nai Duniya, Advocate General of Madhya Pradesh Prashant Singh said, ‘Misleading information is going on about this. The state government has already passed an act to provide 27 percent reservation to OBCs. Regarding OBC reservation, the Jabalpur High Court has said that till the time the petitions are under consideration, 14 percent out of 27 can be given reservation. In the remaining 13 percent reservation, selected OBC candidates should be selected and kept on hold.

At present, 14 percent will be given appointment. As soon as the decision on the petition comes, the process of giving appointment to the remaining 13 percent will be done after the decision of the court. At present, we are putting an application in the Indore bench to vacate the decision of the court.

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