Haryana: 10 percent bribe was fixed in skill development mission, many more officers on ACB’s radar, alleges complainant Rinku

In the Haryana Skill Development Mission, up to 10 percent bribe was taken for passing every bill. At times the percentage of bribe had reached up to 20. Deliberately withholding files and dealing with them after raising unnecessary objections had become the modus operandi of the mission. CSO Deepak Sharma used to handle the entire work of passing Bis and money was taken by saying that the money goes from bottom to top. These are the allegations of Rinku Manchanda, the complainant in the corruption case. On the other hand, the officers who were earlier posted in the mission have also come on the radar of ACB.

Earlier also bribe of one and a half lakh was given to Deepak Sharma
During the conversation on Monday, Manchanda alleged that the mission started from 2016 and since then the game was going on. In the past too, he has given bribe many times to get the bill passed. This time when the bills were not passed even after giving 2 lakh rupees, he thought of exposing this whole game. Mananchada alleges that in this case not only IAS Vijay Dahiya alone, the former IAS officers should also be investigated.

Bills pass through seven tables
There are seven check points in the mission to pass the bill. In most districts, the District Mission Skill Officer and Project Manager used to verify the bills and send them to the headquarters. Here the file used to go to the Assistant, Deputy Director, Join Director and later to the CMO. After this, the permission of higher officials had to be taken. It is alleged that the file used to proceed only when 10 per cent bribe was fixed. Sharma had such a hold on the mission that even if someone’s recommendation was made, he would not pass the bill.

The woman described herself as a relative of the senior IAS.

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