Gwalior school bus news: Not a single school bus challan from interceptor in six months

High speed school buses are putting the lives of the children in danger. School buses ply even on dangerous routes like Cancer Hill, but those who stop them are sleeping. This can be said because not a single school bus was challaned with the interceptor vehicle for action against vehicles running at high speed.

The special thing is that the purpose of the interceptor vehicle was to reduce accidents by taking action on high speed vehicles, but in Gwalior the interceptor vehicle is not used on such routes through which school vehicles pass, while most of the school highways and around the highway,

There is a great need to monitor the speed of school vehicles. When Naiduniya investigated, it came to the fore that in the last six months, no action was taken against a single school vehicle with an interceptor vehicle. Action is being taken at such points where the vehicles will remain at high speed: Most of the interceptor vehicles stay on Jaurasi Road.

This is the National Highway, where vehicles pass at high speed. Every vehicle stays at high speed here, it is natural to have high speed due to the highway. Still here the action is taken from the interceptor.

Most of the schools are located on Shivpuri Link Road, Jhansi Highway, Bhind Road. Action from interceptor vehicle is most important here, because more than 300 school buses pass through here every day, in which hundreds of school children are aboard. If monitoring of school vehicles is done using interceptor here, then there will be fear of action and school vehicles will not run in excess of the prescribed speed.

Similarly, monitoring is necessary on dangerous routes like Cancer Hill. Here the speed limit is set at 20 km per hour, but not a single challan has been done on vehicle 60 to interceptor vehicle to school vehicles. However, interceptor vehicles are stationed at different points for action on high speed vehicles.

The staff has been instructed to monitor the Shivpuri link road and the routes on which school vehicles ply. Action should be taken on school vehicles running at more than the prescribed speed.

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