Gujarat tea for those who show tickets for The Kerala Story

A tea seller in Gujarat’s Surat has come up with a unique offer for customers showing tickets for the movie ‘The Kerala Story’. The owner of ‘Kesaraiya Tea Shop’ in Vesu area of ​​Surat has put up a poster of ‘The Kerala Story’ saying that those who show tickets for the film will get free tea and coffee.

The poster reads, “If customers show movie tickets at the tea shop, they will get free tea and coffee. This offer is valid till May 15, 2023.

The film ‘The Kerala Story’ has been the subject of debate in the country, due to the story of the film. There is politics involved around. While some BJP-led states including Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have made the film tax-free, other states like West Bengal and Tamil Nadu have banned it. The film courted controversy soon after its teaser was released in November 2022.

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