Four youths died due to suffocation in the closed coal mine of Shahdol

Madhya Pradesh A major accident has taken place in Shahdol district. Four youths died due to suffocation in SECL’s closed Dhanpuri UG Mines. Death is being told due to suffocation due to poisonous gas inside the mine.

Four youths who entered the closed Dhanpuri underground mine (Dhanpuri UG Mines) under Sohagpur Eastern Cold Field Limited (SECL) area in Shahdol district with the intention of stealing coal and scrap died inside the mine. This accident happened probably due to suffocation of the youths inside due to the poisonous gas of the mine.

Shortly after getting the information, the top officials of the police and administration reached the spot, after which the police and Kalri’s rescue team took out the dead body after a lot of effort from late Thursday night to Friday morning.

The deceased have been identified as Hazari Kol (30) father Kallu Kol resident Dafai No. 4, Kapil Biskarm (21) father Sukhram resident Ward 19, Raj Mahato (20) father Ganesh Mahato resident Ward 16 and Rahul Kol (23) father Hiralal resident Ward 16. were. The deceased were residents of Dhanpuri police station area. After the accident, the dead bodies were sent to the Medical College Shahdol.

Let us tell you that after coal production, UG Mines has been It was closed six years ago. Here on Thursday night, after making a hole in the wall of the mines near the bunker, the four deceased youths entered inside with the intention of stealing coal and junk. While one of his companions was standing outside and keeping vigil. When the four youths did not come out even after a long time and they feared something untoward, then the information about it reached the police.

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