Forced to face starvation, Pakistan did not name ‘Kashmir’ even once in front of UAE

In the midst of a huge economic crisis in the country, Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif has held an important meeting with the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. During this the two leaders exchanged views on regional, political and security matters.

But the most surprising thing during this period was that Pakistan did not take the name of Kashmir even once in front of the UAE. Not only this, UAE also did not mention Kashmir even once.

Why didn’t Pakistan take the name of Kashmir?

Actually, Pakistan, which is struggling with economic crisis, is in dire need of help and in such a situation, Pakistan does not want to spoil the matter by taking the name of Kashmir and India. Pakistan has come to know that India’s dominance in the Gulf countries is much higher than before. has increased. In such a situation, if Pakistan sings about Kashmir, then it can also be reprimanded.

These issues were discussed between the two countries

With a view to developing tangible and meaningful bilateral cooperation in key areas, the two sides will work together to strengthen strategic partnership and cooperation, intensify consultations and coordination, and bridge the digital divide, especially in the area of ​​information and communication technologies agreed to do. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has given this information after reading the joint statement.

Shahbaz Sharif was on a visit to UAE on January 12-13

Please tell that the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif made an official visit to the UAE on January 12-13 and this was Sharif’s third visit to the UAE after taking office. During this many important issues were discussed. The joint statement said the two sides signed a memorandum of understanding on combating human trafficking, exchange of information and between diplomatic academies of the two countries.

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