Faridabad Road Accident: Video posted on Instagram a few minutes ago, all friends were seen dancing to the song in the car

Six youths died in a road accident late on Thursday night on Gurugram-Faridabad road. All were residents of Palwal’s camp area. All were returning from Gurugram after a birthday party at around 1.30 am when a dumper full of crushers hit the youth’s car.
The whole city was shaken by the death of youths in a road accident on Gurugram-Faridabad road. Everyone was shocked that all the friends were putting reel on Instagram till sometime back and suddenly this sad news. On Tuesday all the friends had gone to visit Nainital. To celebrate friend’s birthday, all reached Palwal from Nainital at around 7 pm on Thursday.

Here after cutting the birthday cake of friend Rinku, everyone left for Gurugram to party. Minutes before the incident, the deceased had posted a video on Instagram, in which everyone is seen dancing to the song inside the car.

However, the police are still denying the fact that the dead were intoxicated. The car belonged to the deceased Jatin. He was driving himself. The car of the year 2009 model was not very strong, so the whole car went on turning like rubber.

Sandeep left two girls, old mother is waiting for Jatin

Of all the youths killed in the accident, only two were married. Out of this, Sandeep (28) has two daughters. The age of one is 3 years and the other is 7 months. He worked in a private company. Sandeep’s father had already passed away. Jatin (26) was the only son.

Elder sister is married and father had passed away many years ago. He used to work for making license files etc. in Sector-12 Tehsil. Jatin’s mother’s age is 52 years. He used to live with his mother. The youngest of the dead, Vishal (18), was a Class 12 student. There is a 10 year old brother and one year elder sister in the family.

Father works in a private company. Puneet (27) was a salesman in a company. Father runs a grocery shop. Apart from Puneet, there is an elder brother in the family. Akash alias Noni Gulati (29) was working in a private company. Apart from him there is an elder sister in the family.

He was the only earner in the house. Father has lived at home for many years. Baljit (27) got married in the locality near the house in January itself. Father is retired from MTNL. The wife is staying at her maternal house due to domestic quarrel.

Dumper drivers become unbridled at night

Dumper drivers become completely unbridled late at night. It has often been seen that dumper drivers deliberately put mud on the number plate of the truck to avoid online challan so that it can be avoided from the eyes of the camera. Due to the empty road, the dumper drivers walk by occupying the road. Last year itself, an overloaded dumper driver in Nuh had run over DSP and killed him.

Dumper drivers are the biggest cause of death in road accidents on National Highways as well. There is a crusher zone in Pali. Here stones are brought by truck from other places including Mahendragarh. In such a situation, there is pressure of dumpers on the Faridabad road including the highway at night. In such a situation, accidents often happen at night. On the other hand, the road has U-turns at many places. Accidents happen due to loss of balance.

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