Eric Garcetti close to appointment as US Ambassador to India, special resolution presented in Parliament

India Eric Garcetti’s appointment as US ambassador to the US is almost certain. Let us tell you that the Clocher proposal has been introduced in the US Parliament. This means that the ruling Democratic Party has enough majority in the US Parliament to appoint Eric Garcetti as the US Ambassador to India and there can be no more opposition to the appointment of Eric Garcetti.

Congressman Chuck Schumer introduced the proposal. Earlier, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Parliament has also approved the name of Eric Garcetti in its meeting.

Let us inform that the appointment of Eric Garcetti to the post of US Ambassador to India was announced by President Joe Biden in July 2021. However, his nomination was not brought to a vote in Parliament because the ruling Democratic Party did not have enough support in Parliament.

Earlier, US Ambassador to India was Kenneth Juster but he left the post in January 2021 after change of government in US. Since then there is no US ambassador in India. Now the name of Eric Garcetti has almost been agreed upon and if everything goes well, soon the official announcement of Eric Garcetti’s name may be made.

There was a dispute in the name of Eric Garcetti
Former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is accused of sexual misconduct with his staff while he was mayor. Due to this allegation, the appointment of Eric Garcetti was not being done. Along with the opposition Republican Party, some Democrat MPs were also opposing Eric Garcetti’s claim. Many US MPs had also expressed concern over the non-appointment of the US Ambassador to India for a long time and appealed for the appointment as soon as possible.

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