Electricity and water costlier in Chandigarh from today, liquor contracts will open till 12 midnight

Chandigarh Now the burden of electricity and water will increase on the residents. From Saturday, the price of water will increase by five percent and the price of electricity will increase by about 10 percent. People will also have to pay to see Le Corbusier Center, Capital Complex, Pierre Generet Museum etc. Apart from this, the new excise policy will be implemented in the city from Saturday, under which liquor contracts will now remain open till 12 midnight.

Whether the income of the residents increases or not, the prices of water, electricity and other essential things are increasing. The Municipal Corporation has decided that every year from April 1, the price of water will increase by five percent without any approval. There is no need for any order or notification for this. People will also have to pay 10 percent sewerage charges of the water bill. The effect of this increase will be directly on the pocket of the common man. However, there is also good news that from Saturday, the work of collecting garbage from one shop in various markets will be started by the Municipal Corporation. This will give relief to the shopkeepers. They will not have to go far to throw the litter.

The employees of the Corporation will pick up the garbage from the shops and its bill will be sent after adding it to the water bill of the shops. It will start with 108 commercial areas. Explain that due to the five percent increase in the water bill, the garbage charges will also increase by five percent.

Starting rates of domestic electricity will be Rs 3 per unit from Rs 2.75
The power department of the administration has sought permission from the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) to increase electricity rates by 10.25 per cent in the year 2023-24. As soon as permission is granted, the initial rates of domestic electricity will be increased from Rs 2.75 to Rs 3 per unit. It is also proposed to increase the fixed charge on electricity bill from Rs 15 to Rs 25.

Commercial electricity rates will also be increased. There will be an increase from 25 paise to 50 paise. Apart from this, electricity given to small, medium and large industries in industries, electricity given for agriculture, electricity given to various municipal departments for street lights will also increase.

Senior citizens, children below 18 years of age and mentally handicapped will not be charged tickets
City dwellers will now have to spend money to visit Le Corbusier Center in Sector-19, Capital Complex in Sector-1 and Pierre Generet Museum in Sector-5. Till now no tickets were issued at these places. According to the tourism department, the ticket for Le Corbusier Center and Capital Complex has been kept at Rs 20 and the ticket for Pierre Generet Museum has been kept at Rs 10. However, senior citizens, children below 18 years of age and mentally challenged will not get tickets. Apart from this, school and college tours will remain free as before. However, permission will have to be taken from the department for this.

Permission for operation of bar till three o’clock with permission
The new excise policy will be implemented in the city from Saturday. Under this policy, the contracts auctioned by the Excise Department in the past will be opened. The most important thing in the policy is that now liquor shops will open till 12 midnight. With permission for the operation of the bar, it will be allowed till three o’clock. Clean air cess will be imposed on liquor to promote electric vehicles. To crack down on illegal liquor smuggling, track and trace system will be started, under which every bottle will have a QR code. Through this, monitoring will be done from filling the bottle till its sale.

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