Domestic airlines flying without 50 passengers will fly first

Bangalore to Delhi A flight of domestic airline GoFirst took off from the airport on Monday leaving over 50 passengers stranded. Passengers left behind waited on a shuttle bus to board. The abandoned passengers took to the internet media to express their anger and termed it as gross negligence on the part of the airlines.

Aviation regulator DGCA has sought a report from the airline on the incident. DGCA said that appropriate action will be taken in this incident.

take off without waiting for passengers

Passengers alleged that the GoFirst flight from Bengaluru to Delhi took off without waiting for the passengers sitting in the bus. He alleged that flight G8 left at 6.40 am on Monday morning leaving behind 116 passengers. After this incident, some passengers lodged complaints through internet media.

GoFirst has declined to comment on the incident. However, in response to a tweet, the airline urged users to share their details and said it regrets the inconvenience caused.

People complained on Twitter

According to complaints made on Twitter tagging the airline, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office, the flight from Bengaluru to Delhi took off at around 6.30 am with over 50 passengers on board.

A Twitter user named Shreya Sinha described it as the worst experience in her post. He said the passengers boarded the bus for the flight at 5.35 am but were stuck in the bus for an hour.

Another passenger complained

The airline company, a passenger named Satish Kumar Tagging Union Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia and the Prime Minister’s Office, tweeted that Flight G8-116 (BLR-DEL) took off without taking passengers. More than 50 passengers were left behind in one bus and the plane took off with only one bus passenger. He said that the airlines are running in their sleep.

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