Delhi University sent notice to Rahul Gandhi, finally the matter

Delhi University will issue a notice to Rahul Gandhi cautioning him against any “unauthorised” visits to the campus in future, a senior official said on Tuesday. Delhi University Registrar Vikas Gupta said the notice would be sent on Tuesday or Wednesday.

He said that Delhi University will convey to the leader that such travel puts the safety of students at risk and proper protocol needs to be followed for any such interaction.

what is the matter

Gandhi visited the postgraduate men’s hostel of the university on Friday, interacted with some students and had lunch with them.

It was an unauthorized visit. When he entered, several students were having lunch. We cannot tolerate this on our campus. We will send a notice to Rahul Gandhi saying that he should not do such an act again and should not put the safety of the students at risk.

Meanwhile, the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), the student wing of the Congress, has alleged that there was pressure on the administration to act against Gandhi.

The registrar denied the allegation and said, ‘There is no such pressure. It’s a matter of discipline.” A day after Gandhi’s visit, Delhi University issued a scathing statement, saying the “sudden and unauthorized” entry raised serious security concerns for hostel inmates and the leader.

Delhi University officials to prevent incidents of such encroachment Will take necessary steps and ensure that this does not happen again in future.

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