Delhi Triple Murder Case: Sensational revelation, ordered this item online

An important revelation has come to light in the triple murder case in Delhi’s Vipin Garden area. The accused had been planning to commit the crime for a long time. He had ordered the knives online. Distressed by financial constraints, a businessman killed his wife and two innocent sons by slitting their throats on the night of 25 February. After this, the businessman tried to kill himself by cutting the veins of his hands.

There has been a new revelation in the triple murder case in Vipin Garden area of ​​Mohan Garden, Delhi. Police sources say that in the investigation so far, it has been revealed that the accused was planning to carry out the incident for a long time.

Accused Rajesh had ordered three knives online to kill wife Sunita and children. Preliminary investigation has revealed that one of the knives was used by the accused to commit the murder. Along with this, he also used gloves at the time of the incident.

The accused admitted to the hospital has undergone an operation on Monday. He had cut the vein of his hand. He is likely to be discharged from the hospital after two-three days. After that the police will interrogate him. Police handed over all the three bodies to the family members of the woman after the post-mortem on Monday.

Police officials say that before the Corona epidemic, the accused was running a company but during Corona, the people who worked with him left the company, which caused him a lot of loss. He had given money to some people, who did not return it, due to which he was facing financial crisis.

In such a situation, he conspired to commit suicide by killing his family members. After this, three knives were ordered online. Police officials say that after interrogating the accused, the whole conspiracy will be exposed. Apart from him, the police will also interrogate those people who have worked in his company.

In his suicide note, the accused had accused some people, some of whom worked in his company, of causing him financial loss. The police will also interrogate the friend of the accused, on whose WhatsApp group the accused had sent the suicide note.

The accused used to demand money from the in-laws

Sunita’s family members have accused the accused of demanding money from her in-laws. He alleges that a year ago the accused had asked his father-in-law to give him five lakhs by taking a loan against the property, but his father-in-law refused to do so. Despite this, he took two lakh rupees from the in-laws in between. When the in-laws asked him to return the money, he used to quarrel with them.

Sunita’s brother Manoj told that the accused used to quarrel with Sunita when she demanded money. Sunita’s family members have demanded a proper investigation into the matter.

He says that there should be a video recording of the statement of the accused and his family members. Sunita’s family said that Sunita had uploaded her younger son’s photo on Facebook before the incident, but her post has been deleted after the incident.

They alleged that the police should also investigate who is doing this. Let us tell you that on the night of February 25, a businessman, who was troubled by financial crisis, killed his wife and two innocent children in the Vipin Garden area of ​​Mohan Garden, Delhi. The sons were killed by slitting their throats.

After this, the businessman tried to kill himself by cutting the veins of his hands. Before the incident, the businessman had sent a suicide note to his school friends on the WhatsApp group. Police have registered a case of murder and attempt to suicide against the businessman.

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