Delhi: Petitions challenging Agneepath scheme dismissed

A petition was filed in the Delhi High Court against the Agneepath scheme brought by the central government for army recruitment. The Delhi High Court on Monday dismissed the petitions challenging the Agneepath scheme. The court said that it did not see any reason to interfere in the scheme.

Why was the Agneepath scheme brought?

Agneepath scheme is the need of the hour. The atmosphere around India is changing. Changes in the army are necessary with the changing times. It needs to be seen from a perspective. Agneepath is not a standalone scheme in itself. When PM Modi came to power in 2014, one of his major priorities was to make India secure and strong. This plan is a part of that.

What benefit will the army get?

To secure the country, a lot of work has been done in the field of technology, hi-tech weapons, secure defense communication. We have started using new technology. Even we have achieved great success in space power. To make it more effective, we will need more and more youth who are proficient in technology. Agneepath scheme is a part of this. With this we will get a large number of tech friendly youth.

What will Agniveer do after four years?

The youth of 2022-23 years has come to the job market after spending four years as Agniveer. Compare him with the young man who did not become Agniveer. The Agniveer who will be ahead on every front as compared to his competitor. That’s why no way is closed to him. He also has about 11 lakh rupees.

If he wants, he can study, can do any business. The earlier era was different. At that time, after retirement, the soldier used to go to his village and there used to grow food from his land and the rest of the expenses were covered by the pension. Today those conditions are no more.

When Agniveer goes back after spending four years in the army, he will be skilled and trained. He will be able to contribute much more to the society than an ordinary citizen. The first Agniveer will be 25 years old when he retires. At that time India’s economy will be of 5 trillion dollars.

A fast growing economy would need such people. Such trend youth will be needed in many other recruitments including Central Armed Forces, State Police. All the departments have already announced to give preference in jobs to firemen.

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