Dead body of youth found in Jaunpur canal, tied hands and feet, brutal murder, could not be identified

in Jaunpur district of UP On Monday, the dead body of a young man with his hands and feet tied was found from the canal, due to which the sensation has spread. There is a possibility of throwing the dead body into the canal after killing the young man. Police is engaged in investigation. The dead body could not be identified. It is feared that the young man was brutally murdered, after which the body was thrown into the canal.

Villagers who went for a walk along the banks of Sharda Sahayak Babatpur Rajwaha canal, located in Dipapur village of Nevadhia police station area, saw the dead body of the young man with his arms and legs tied. When he immediately informed the village, the information also reached the police. The police reached the spot and informed the dog squad and the forensic team.

severe bruises on face and back

After investigation by the dog squad and forensic team, which arrived hours later, the police took the dead body into custody. Nothing was found from the young man by which he could be identified. According to the police, the age of the deceased is around 30 years. There are serious injury marks on the face and back. Hands and feet were tied.

of eyewitnesses According to him, the young man has been brutally murdered. After which they were tied hand and feet and thrown into the canal. There is an atmosphere of panic among the people of the area after the dead body was found like this. Police station chief Angad Tiwari told that the body has been sent for postmortem. Identification efforts are on. The real cause of death will be known in the post mortem report.

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