Damoh: Security personnel beat up son who reached district hospital to see sick father, dispute over gate pass

Security personnel have been deployed in Damoh District Hospital for the safety of patients and their relatives, but disputes between them and patients keep coming to the fore. A similar incident has come to the fore on Sunday where these security personnel assaulted the son who had come to see his ailing father. These allegations have been leveled by the son and an FIR has also been lodged with the police. In their defence, the security personnel have also given an application to the Kotwali station in-charge and have accused the patient’s family members of caste insults and threats.

Son Omprakash Mishra, who had come from Bhopal to see his ailing father Darbarilal Mishra admitted in the district hospital, was thrashed by the security personnel posted in the hospital. The victim Omprakash told that his father Simaria lives in Hirapur, who was admitted to the district hospital for treatment after being ill. He lives in Bhopal, he was informed by his younger brother, then he went to see where the security guard asked for a gate pass, which he did not have, so he said that he had come to see his father and would take him to Bhopal after being discharged.

Let him go to the ward, but the security personnel asked for the gate pass. Then the victim called his younger brother and asked for the photo of the gate pass on mobile which was shown to the security guard, but he did not agree and said that there is no online system. If the gate is not near then cannot go inside. When he again asked to go inside, only then one or two security personnel pulled him and beat him up badly. After which he reached Kotwali where he lodged an FIR and the police sent him to the district hospital to get MLC done.

Security personnel also applied
The security personnel have also given an application to the station in-charge of Kotwali. In which it is told that on the instructions of the Collector, we allow only one colleague to go inside with a patient. When we were on duty, Omprakash Mishra’s father Darbarilal Mishra came and asked for the gate pass, then asked the name of the security personnel. As soon as the name was told, he got angry and said that we all will go inside and started abusing and abusing Bhagchand Ahirwar, caste insult and threatened to throw bombs in the hospital. The security personnel took action against Omprakash and his companion. has demanded.

In this regard, Kotwali SI MK Pandey said that the case has been registered and taken up for investigation. On the other hand, regarding such incidents happening in the district hospital, Damoh Collector Mayank Agarwal said that he would come to visit the district hospital in a day or two and inquire about everything.

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