Corona’s new variant XBB 1.16, which is spreading rapidly in the country, has raised concerns, revealed in INSACOG’s data

Corona in the country There is a steady increase in the cases of Meanwhile, the XBB 1.16 variant has been found in 76 samples of Covid-19. This variant could be the reason behind the recent spurt in COVID-19 cases. This information has been given in the data of the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG). INSACOG is a platform set up under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to study and monitor the genome sequencing of COVID-19 and the variation of the virus. It was formed in December 2020.

How many cases in which state?
INSACOG data shows that 30 cases of this variant have been found in Karnataka, 29 in Maharashtra, 7 in Puducherry, 5 in Delhi, 2 in Telangana, 1 in Gujarat, 1 in Himachal Pradesh and 1 in Odisha. The XBB 1.16 variant was first detected in January, when two samples tested positive for this variant. This variant was found in a total of 59 samples in February. In March so far, 15 samples have been found positive for the XBB 1.16 variant, INSACOG said.

Experts blamed this variant for the increase in corona cases
Some experts have attributed the recent increase in COVID-19 cases to this variant. Dr Randeep Guleria, former director of AIIMS, said that the increase in Covid cases appears to be driven by the XBB 1.16 variant, while influenza cases are due to H3N2. He said, following Covid-appropriate behavior can help prevent the spread of infection in both of them. Most of the cases are not serious, said the former AIIMS director. That’s why there is no need to panic now. Guleria also headed the National Covid Task Force.

XBB 1.16 variant found in 12 countries so far
The new XBB 1.16 variant has now been detected in at least 12 countries, with India reporting the highest number of cases, followed by the US, Brunei, the Philippines and the United States, said Vipin M Vashishtha, former convenor of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics at Bijnor’s Mangala Hospital and Research Centre. Singapore and UK. He tweeted, India has seen a 281 per cent increase in cases and 17 per cent increase in deaths in the last 14 days. Everyone’s eyes should be on India, he said. If XBB 1.16 can succeed in getting past the strong population immunity of Indians, then the whole world should be seriously concerned.

The number of infected in India crossed 800
In India, the number of infected people in a day of Kovid-19 crossed 800 on Saturday after 126 days, while the number of active cases increased to 5,389.

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