Concession given to the person who killed his mother and ate her organs, will be able to participate in daughter’s marriage

Bombay high court has allowed the convict of mother’s murder to attend the daughter’s marriage. As per the court order, the accused will be taken to the wedding in police custody. Please tell that a person named Sunil Rama Kuchkoravi is accused of killing his mother and dismembering her body. He is also accused of roasting some organs and eating them. The trial court has sentenced the accused to death. Against which an appeal has been filed in the Bombay High Court on behalf of the accused. At present the Bombay High Court is hearing on this.

Daughter’s marriage

The accused had filed a bail petition in the court for the daughter’s marriage. On which the hearing was held on Monday. During the hearing, the counsel for the accused told the court that the motive behind the murder was not yet clear and the murder was done in an inebriated state. The lawyer said that the family of the accused is also shocked by the murder. He has been a good person. He often complained of headache, so he used to drink alcohol. The lawyer appealed to the court to grant one week’s bail to the accused so that he could attend the daughter’s wedding.

On this, Justice AS Gadkari and Justice PD Naik said that they cannot grant bail but they can allow the accused to attend the daughter’s wedding in police custody. On this, the lawyer said that the accused belongs to an economically lower class and he is not able to bear the expenses of police custody, so the court waived the custody expenses. The court allowed the accused to stay at his house in police custody from 9 am to 6 pm from February 23 to 25. In the evening, the accused will have to go back to jail.

cut the carcass into pieces and fried some of the organs and ate them

Please tell that on August 28, 2017, Sunil, who lives in Kolhapur, had killed his 63-year-old mother. The accused had cut the dead body of his mother into pieces and fried some of the organs and eaten them. The accused had demanded money from the mother for liquor and brutally murdered the mother for not giving the money. In this case, the trial court convicted Sunil in the year 2021 and sentenced him to death. The court considered this case as the rarest of the rare.

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